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Men's polarized sunglasses



1. One-handed removal will destroy the balance of the left and right sides of the frame, resulting in deformation. It is recommended that you hold the temples in both hands and wear them in parallel along the sides of the cheeks.

2. When you wear it, you usually fold the left temple first, which is not easy to cause the frame to be deformed.

3, it is recommended to rinse the glasses with water and use a paper towel to absorb the water, and then use a special glasses cloth to try to rub, you need to hold the side of the frame on the side of the wiper mirror, gently wipe the lens to avoid damage to the frame or lens caused by excessive force.

4, when not wearing glasses, please use glasses cloth wrapped into the glasses case. If it is temporarily placed, please put the convex surface of the glasses up, otherwise it will be easy to wear the lens. At the same time, the glasses should avoid contact with corrosive articles such as insecticides, toilet products, cosmetics, hair gels, medicines, etc., avoid long-term direct sunlight and high temperature (above 60 °C), otherwise it will cause deterioration of the lens and frame, deterioration, Discoloration, etc.

5, regular to the professional store for plastic adjustment, frame deformation will cause a burden on the nose and ears, the lens is also easy to loose.

6. Do not use glasses during intense exercise to avoid lens breakage caused by strong impact, causing eye and face damage; do not use worn lenses to prevent light loss caused by light dispersion; do not look directly at the sun or strong glare to avoid eyes Hurt.

7, the maintenance of sunglasses, dazzling sunglasses let you live in the sun, so free. In fact, the sun glasses can block the sun, can not stop the pollution damage, so you should take care of it, so that you can't hold your face. In fact, the method of maintaining sunglasses is like maintaining general glasses. It is a habit to clean, fold and store. However, sunglasses often get rid of them, and they will be scratched if you accidentally, so there are some small details to remind you: when the sunglasses are stained, don’t use your nails to smash, it will easily scratch Surface. When the sunglasses are not worn, many people will hang them on their heads, collars or pockets. At this time, the body's movement range should not be too large to avoid tearing or crashing. Or someone will put it in the handbag. It is recommended that you put it in a hard case and put it in the bag, so as not to wear the lens, such as a key, a comb, a copper plate, or the like, or contaminate the lipstick and other cosmetics.


Glasses structure: Frame 

Whether polarized: Yes 

Lens material: TAC

Style: Metal 

Frame material:Metal

Rectangular zipper case glasses case (size: length 17.5 width 6.5 height 5.5)

[protection of glasses]

Package Content:

1*Toad mirror

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Based on 171 reviews
Soooo comfortable

What a high quality set. To start, I was thinking this would be a very lightweight…almost like linen set. However, the material is thick and high quality with some weight to it. It’s so soft and comfortable. I absolutely love it! The fit is perfect, too. I will more than likely use the top and bottom separately, but I could see myself wearing the full set together on vacations. I’m more than pleased with this set.

Love this summer sets

Got My husband a medium which he normally wears. This set is for summer season . It’s light weight and breathable but I would highly recommend ordering a size down. Berry thin and stretchy material

light and breathable

super light and cool love the fit!

Great look for a Beach Wedding!

All the men wore this shirt for our beach ceremony and looked fantastic! Great product for comfort, style and price! It was a great look for both the groom and groomsmen!

The Men's Outfits
Stephanie T.
Nice !

My fiancé wore this outfit for our bridal shower. He got a lot ofComplementS. It is a off white color. He is 210Lbs and got a size Large. The shorts are a little see through (like 3% so they will have to wear white boxers)

Great Quality

I didn’t expect much due to the price. I just needed a matching white line. Set for baca photos. I was blown away on the quality and fit! I accidentally threw one set in the washer, then the dryer and figured it would have shrunk a size or two. Not the case. Came out looking good - didn’t even need to iron it. You will not be disappointed.


Shipping was great & packaging. And it’s made out of very durable long last material. Soft.

Love how this shirt looks on my husband ❤️ Will be buying one in every color!!!

Fit perfectly!

The best weekend outfit

These outfits rock! Super light and breezy - they've been fun for group outings in particular. I've worn these with friends to Las Vegas, Yosemite, house parties, and soon houseboats! People will stop and compliment you on the matching 'fits.The ladies in this photo are wearing a size S and it's loose but fits.From other reviews it sounds like these shrink easily if you put them in the drying machine so just air dry them and you're golden.

Awesome set !

Great feeling material. I think I could’ve went down a size. Received many compliments

Wow I love it ! Really good quality! To the beach is great !

Super combo..!

The colors the material all the great compliments

At first it look kind of feminine but once I start feeling myself in it I started feeling more confident. I got lots of compliments on my shirt specially from men it look good no doubt the materials very soon perfect for a tropical or a hot weather day yes it runs big if you were large get a medium if you are a extra-large get a large.

Love it

I’m normally not a dress person but I felt comfortable in this. Wearing dresses is still out of my comfort zone but I liked how this looked on me.


A little big on the boob part, but I’m also small from the top. I am 5’5”, and weight 194lbs. I ordered XL based on all the reviews, fit good! Colors were great for outdoor wedding reception. I combined with hot pink accessories which made contrast with the other colors since the pink was less on the dress! Considering other colors!

The Men's Outfits
Bonilla H.
Cute & flattering

Loved this dress. Wore it for a wedding & it was perfect. It’s cute, flattering & comfortable. I would have ordered a Large but since the reviews said it was short I got an XL. It fit good and the length wasn’t an issue. It’s shorter on the sides than front & back. I did cut off the loops on the sides of the dress cause they stuck out too much, but overall great dress.

A sleek jacket, at a decent cost.

This is a really nice jacket. The hoodie is cotton material and comes off if you want. It's not the at the waist fit, it's longer. Great value!

The Fit Is Right, With a Chic Style

its as expected and is very comfortable. The length of the body as well as the arms is nice. It's incredibly soft on the inside. Easy to move in. Stitching seems solid minus a single loose end that needs trimming and looks pretty good. Does a decent job stopping the wind but not super warm.

Great Quality Jacket!

This ended up being exactly what I was hoping for!Quality is great. The fit is perfect too. I bought a medium and it fits perfectly. It’s a mid-weight jacket just as the description states. Perfect for a fall/spring weather outer layer. Though it is warm enough to be paired with a hoodie underneath and used during the winter.

Looks good, fits great and is warm.

appears really well made of a nice soft, smooth, medium weight fleece material. A little bit on the form fitting side on the forearms and snug around the wrists. I have come to appreciate that though because it makes it easy to put a heavy coat over it to go outside.

Looks amazing and very comfort

Very comfort fits perfect warm and it looks amazing on me i will buy again

Really nice sweater!

Love this sweater. I'm 6' 190lbs and the large fits great. It's really comfortable and looks great. It's a decently thick sweater and should hold up for quite some time.

Dress or Casual-Great for Athletic build

We ordered an XXL, in black. Husband likes his shirts to be fitted so he probably could have gone one size smaller than an XXL. Very nice polo!

It’s a great shirt. I thought it looked great and fit well.

Packed well, slides on and fits as it should, but the material isn't the softest. Rolling up the sleeves, and looking in mirror, the shirt looks great. Just not as comfy as I'd like.

My friend loved his birthday gift!

We loved the fit!

Love the shirt

My husband looked so good in this dress shirt. The 1st one we order was just his size. He likes his shirts slightly long because he's tall so we had to return the large and order an XL and it fit him great. Material is very nice and comfy.

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